Fuck Valentines day, it's all about world toilet day!

I really hate valentines day, it's a day for all you loved up couples to rub salt in our wounds. yeah we get it, you're happy and in love.

Anyway, moving onto a lighter subject, I happened to be on Suck my savvy, an awesome blog run by Graham Haynes. I've been following his blog for a while now and his style is always on point. But I did happen to see this outfit and it just had to be my favourite outfit of the week, one, because I just love this outfit and two because I haven't had one in a while.
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I totally love the way he's wearing tartan, one of my most favourite things in the world, and he hasn't made it tacky at all, which most people do. Amazing outfit Graham!


jules said...

This is a great post, valentines day is a perfect day to drink Champaign and eat wonderful food.

Marjorie said...

love this post
love the blog!!
stop by some time :D xx

ANN said...

Haha I love this post!

Maju said...

haha, funny post! In Brazil, isn't valentines day yet. Here, we'll celebrate only at July... =)

Marina G.

Aleisha Z said...

Haha you said it miss! Valentines makes me sick! xx

A L E X A said...

Thanks, and yeah that's right about Lily, as you can see on my profile photo I had her hairstyle.. not anymore but was nice, now I have midium auburn hair:(

anna bu said...

wow it suits him so well.great look

Raez said...

LOL that video was awesome!

and btw. is that my sidebar image you're using on your banner? a little credit would be nice.

xx raez

Graham I. Haynes said...

Just wanted to make sure I thanked you for this feature. You're awesome.

Marla Singer said...

thanks for the bday wishes!
love the vid, totally funny! hahaha.
and the guy outfit is amazing <33

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome look. I am also loving the background he's standing in front of.

Thanks for sharing.


Jonesy said...

Great blog! I'm a new follower : )

Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.