Topshop collection

Am I the only one who's in love with the new Topshop collection?I hope not because it's actually amazing, but I mean, it is Topshop, so it's kind of expected. I especially love Meadow seeing as I will forever love floral pints.Which one are you loving?

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Spliffed said...

love the photos!
Thanks for checking out my blog ! :)

cocorosa said...

ohhhhh I really really love all of them!!!! <3 <3 <3

Greer said...

i do love topshop. its beautiful. x

Súki said...


AVY said...

Everyone seems to be, Topshop is on every blog these days. But harem pants? No thanks.

Lori said...

i love it all but at the same time it makes me sad since i don't live near the one topshop in the united states ;(

YvonneVonTrend said...

no, ur not the only one ;)

Brianna said...

Heck No I too am a Topshop obsessed
Love your blog
P.S I'm following you blog would love it if you Followed/Comment My Blog too
You'll Totally LoVE IT <33
XO, Brianna

Emily said...

no you're definitely not the only one -- i basically died over the parisienne lookbook. so perfect!


Stacy said...

i love them ALL!
i constantly drool over the topshop US website b.c in canada we don't have one and they don't ship here... (why not!?)

great choices


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

they really stepped it up.

luccie said...

Defiantly not the only one, I love just about every piece here! I try to not buy topshop (the conversion and shipping to Aus is so much :|) but once these babies hit the store I don't think I'll be able to help myself ;)

rebecca said...

thank you :)

Slanelle said...

i love parisienne and salon!!

Minette said...

I FOLLOW YOU!!!! *_*

(always)alanna said...

i am SO beyond excited for this collection- and i absolutely love your header
and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting soonn!

Birgit said...

love topshop, just absolutely love it!
xx Birgit

Graham I. Haynes said...

Topshop has a bit of everything for girls; I'd recommend it to any friend. I wonder if there is a male version somewhere... ?

Well anyway, the "downtown" looks appeal to me most. My favorite single look, though, is the 3rd Parisienne look with the floral tights. VERY bold.

(Great post, thanks for organizing them the way you did.)


ohh topshop <33333333333

Erica said...

yesss obsessedddd with the new top shop!


'Lee said...

thanks for all the comments!
@Graham: yeah, there's a Topman, but I'm not sure if it's in America, but men can look as stylish as the girlies do in their Topshop beauttssss :D

Theory of a fashion victim

Luna Supernova said...

some of it is rather generic but there are some amazing pieces amongst the lot, I love the floral dress with the exposed fastening up the front!

ARANXA. said...

i need to shop now :)
the collection is amazing

chloe said...

I really love Downtown & Parisienne. I'm so sad there's not Topshop here in the US. :(

Isabel said...

Not such a huge fan of the drop crotch pants, but the florals are amazing!

Little Doe said...

the third floral dress is divine. i want!

'Lee said...

@Chloe:There is a Topshop in the US, but I think it's in New York, but you can also order online :)

Theory of a fashion victim

Emily said...

parisienne is my absolute favorite!


Mode Junkie said...

i say let´s all start saving now so when the clothes hit the stores, all will be well. :)


Mode Junkie

Kabujurra said...

Blue lips, I WANT!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

some of the jackets and coats are cute

Eloise said...

Got the skirt from the meadow look yesterday, £25 bargain.